Saturday, September 29, 2007

Are you KIDDING ME???!!!

It's not even October yet and guess what??? It's SNOWING!!! I am not the biggest fan of snow, actually I can say I am not a fan at all. Sure it's pretty to look at (from inside a warm, toasty house), but when you have to go out in it...cold, wet, and yucky! I used to think snow was kinda fun, but this was when I lived in New Mexico and snow was sooo rare (and it usually melted by the end of the day). Now it's already coming in September....I am starting to freak! This may be a long winter for us. And I LOVE the fall season, surely it will come back, right?? We miss you Arizona, New Mexico, and San Diego!! So anyway, I didn't expect it to stick, so I took a few pictures of it snowing.
But started sticking....and it's still snowing. Today is definitely going to be a pajama day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Check out My Curls!

Paxton is starting to get little flippy-curls around the sides of his head. I just love it! I tried to get some of his curls in the pictures, but you still can't see them very good. When he was born he had SUPER-curly hair, and then it fell out and wasn't so curly anymore. So, now that it's getting longer, it looks like it might be a little?? Justin's hair is pretty curly and mine has a little bit of curl too, so you would think one of our kids would have curly hair. Anyway...he was being so cute today, so I took a ton of pictures of him while Kaybri was sleeping.

I don't know what he was doing in all the pictures below. He seems to be trying to talk with his hands! What a silly boy!

Wuz sup?!

Too Cool!

The other night I went to check on Kaybri to see if she had fallen asleep yet, and I found her with her sunglasses on top of her head! She's so funny and thinks she's so cute when she puts on any kind of glasses. We often have to give her a toy, dolly, sippee cup or something to get her to stay in her bed and go to sleep, but the glasses worked this time!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Mouse in our House??

We woke up the other morning and found our cheese laying out, looking like this:
And then the culprit around the corner....Kaybri. The lock on our fridge hadn't been fastened the night before. (This happened about a month ago, thus the lock). Kaybri LOVES cheese. She believes cheese is sufficient for a whole meal. I believe she may even dream of cheese, because it often is the first word out of her mouth in the morning. And this morning it got to be the first thing in!! She was so proud of herself, and also so drugged and loopy from the big seizure and all the drugs from the day before, hence the profound expression on her face.

Kaybri's MRI

Last Thursday (the 13th), Kaybri went to Primary Children's Hospital for another MRI and doctor appointments with her neurologist and neurosurgeon. Everything went really good. Her cyst has not grown since her last MRI in June, but the neurosurgeon still wants to do surgery on it. There are several reasons to do surgery: 1) the cyst is putting pressure on the brain and much larger than what it originally was, 2) because it is so taking up so much space you can't see part of the brain in the MRI, and this tissue that you can't see may be causing her to have seizures, 3) her seizures have become more frequent and none of the medications seem to be helping, and 4) this is the only abnormal thing that has shown up on any tests thus far. We are in total agreement, and the neurologist also supports this procedure now.

Her surgery is scheduled for October 8th. The neurosurgeon said he will cut a small circle of the bone out and then the cyst will pretty much be right underneath. He will make several cuts in the cyst, which will allow it to drain out and it will also prevent the cyst from filling up again. He said he won't have to mess with the brain, so that's good. Kaybri will be in the hospital for a few days, and then she should get to go home as long as everything is good. The surgery may not make her seizures go away, but hopefully it helps!

Climb, Climb Away!

Paxton only takes 4-5 steps at a time, but he has figured out to climb pretty good. He tries to dive into the toilet any chance the bathroom door is open and the toilet lid is up. (Thank goodness we have been there for all attempts, I know it's a major drowning hazard). He tries climbing into the bathtub if I don't get him in there quick enough. And this is where I found him the other day.....
Yes, we believe he's going to either be a plumber or a computer nerd! He has been so curious about everything lately and full of new faces and expressions. He also has learned to say "no no" and even shake his finger while he's saying it sometimes. Hmm...I think my kids get told that a lot.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grandma Lucy

While we were in Logan, we were also able to go visit my Great-Grandma Lucy. She just turned 92, and she is still so with it. I was amazed to see her get around and talk and hear us so well. We didn't get to see her too often when we were little kids because she lived so far away, so it was fun to sit and visit with her and actually get to know her. She is such a sweet, neat lady.She picked up Paxton and said "you're kind of a chunk". He is really...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Weekend, cont...

As crazy as it may sound, our family was actually early to James' blessing. And not just a little early, 30 minutes early!! We left the house by 8:30 am! To have 2 kids fed and ready + 2 grown-ups is a major accomplishment! :) If any of you know me too well, I'm sure you are all amazed. Justin did help me out quite a bit, thanks babe!!

So anyway, we wanted to let the kids get some of their wiggles out, so we went and walked around the Logan temple. I LOVE this temple! It is so old and just beautiful!! Well, as we were leaving Kaybri had a seizure, so our day of being really early almost came to an end. Luckily, her seizure was pretty short and we still made it in time for church! There's always some excuse for me being late....ahhh...but not today!!

We found a nice lady to take a picture of us; it's kinda blurry, but hey we're all in it!
What cute kids!!!!


Labor Day Weekend

One of my best friends from high school, Becca Anderson, had a cute little boy a couple of months ago. They decided to bless him this last Sunday, so we drove up to Logan on Sunday morning to support them. This was our first meeting of baby James, and we had such a fun time with him and his family. Kaybri broke him in with lots and lots of kisses and Paxton just starred at him in total awe. We had a great time! Thanks Becca and Derek!

And of course we had to get a picture together with our kiddos....boy, things have changed a lot since high school!!