Friday, February 01, 2008

We're MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that's right we're out of here in just 2 weeks!! Out of the cold snow into warm, sunny Arizona! If you know us, I'm sure you're not surprised we're moving....AGAIN! We have been married 5 years, and this will be our 6th time to move (however, a couple of the times were only for a few months and most of our stuff was in storage). I think this time will be longer though. Justin accepted a new job as the manager of the Arizona State Credit Union. We are moving back to the little town he grew up in, and where we actually met and dated. It's what we have always considered "home" and so we are really excited to go back!! Of course we are still going to miss a lot of things here, but mostly our family and friends. I'm sure we will be back to visit. Anyway, I better go pack...not our boxes, but our suitcases. Pax and I are headed down to AZ for my grandpa's b'day party this weekend. So many things to do, so little time. I can't promise to keep my blog updated, but I'll try to give you all more information later. I appologize if this post is really all over the place, but that is indeed how I feel!!