Thursday, November 01, 2007

a Princess and her Puppy

Yesterday was a fantastic day! Kaybri has done pretty good the past couple of days, so we got to go trick or treating!!! This year was my first year for making a costume. When my mom came up to visit, I had her bring lots of the leftover tulle from past wedding decorations. We used it to make a princess-like costume. Most of you know, I'm not very crafty so it really was pretty easy, and I thought it turned out pretty cute.

Here is a picture in the beginning...
And here is a picture of it finished, minus the hat I made her (that she absolutely hated and would not wear) and her wand.Paxton got to be a puppy. He made the cutest puppy. Kaybri would point to him and say "dog" and he would reply back "woo woof". I tried and tried to get a full-body picture of him standing up, so you could see his cute tail, but he kept running towards the camera, so this is as good as it gets.
We went trick or treating to a lot of the businesses in downtown Tooele. At one of the businesses a big gorilla was passing out candy and as he reached out to give Kaybri some candy she got so scared and tried to run away. I have NEVER seen her scared of anything, so it was almost a relief to see that she is normal and gets frightened by big, scary gorillas! As we left the store, she kept looking behind her to make sure he wasn't following her. It became really busy downtown, so we went back to our neighborhood to finish up trick or treating there. It was so fun to see all of the neighborhood kids in their cool costumes. I think Halloween may be just as much fun for the parents as it is for all the kids, if not more.

Grandma Echols also came to Tooele to go trick or treating with us. What a treat!! The kids love seeing their grandma!