Thursday, June 05, 2008

On the Road Again

I think we've been out of town every weekend for the past month, and since it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon, I figured I better get the pictures off of my camera and on to the blog while I have a chance. We've been staying really busy lately and it seems like everything has been in Mesa, so we've made a lot of mini-Mesa trips for things like Kaybri's neurologoy appt. (which went really well), Justin's training or manager's mtgs for his job, Memorial Day weekend and cousin fun, Mel's baby shower, and tomorrow Justin will be heading there to fly to Salt Lake (and I will probably go to Animas). Ok, because it's been awhile, there are a ton of pictures below.

I had the hardest time getting a picture of all 3 of these kids together, much less look at me. They are always on the go!

Jarom's little girl, Lydia, she is so cute, but she wasn't sure about smiling at me!

Pax cuddling with Aunt JoJo. These moments are rare and so sweet.
The boys and their barbecue.

Ellis/Echols cousins
Echols Cousins!!
Shayci and Bryson's fort

Kaybri LOVES to swing. She could swing all day long.

Melanie's baby shower
Melanie is having a baby boy and naming him Jackson. Joni wanted to do his name in block letters for his room, so she went and got everything and we put it together the night before we left. We are so not crafty, but she got the idea from a friend and it was pretty fun and simple to do. I think it turned out cute. This is the finished product, minus the ribbons needing fixed. They are decorating Jackson's room with an ASU theme