Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More pics of Boston

These pictures are totally out of order, but here are some more random pictures of Boston and his visitors.

Our New Addition

For those of you who haven't heard, we had a BOY!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!! And he's already 4 weeks old! (I know I really am horrible at updating this blog).

Boston Cy Echols was born at 1:08 pm on Monday, December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day)
His Stats: 6 lb 12 oz--20 inches long--healthy and super cute!

Ok, now comes the boring journaling part, so feel free to skip to the pics. My due date was December 19th, but because my doctor was a couple hours away and such a nice guy he said he would induce me on December 7th. We were already going to be in Mesa for an Echols family gathering, so it worked out perfectly. I was scheduled to be induced at 3 AM (crazy early, but who sleeps at 9 months prego anyway) but they said to call and make sure there was a bed available before I went in.

Here's the breakdown of how the morning went:

*2 AM--woke up to call the hospital to see if they were ready for us. They weren't and told us to come at 4 am
*3 AM--Decided I wasn't going back to sleep, so I got up again to get things ready to go. We stayed in Queen Creek with my brother so we had a good 30 minute drive to the hospital. *4 AM-- Arrived at hospital, sat there twiddling my thumbs
*5 AM--Got put in our labor/delivery room
*6 AM--I was dilated to 3 cm and having sporadic contractions
*6:30 AM--Got hooked up to pitocin
*8:30 AM--Dr. Beck came in to check on me and I was still 3 cm, so he broke my water
*10 AM--Got my wonderful epidural
*11 AM-- Dilated to 5 cm
*12:30-1 PM-- I could feel my contractions pretty good, so I called the nurse in to see if I needed to push the epidural drug button. She checked me at 1:00 and said I was dilated to 10 cm. She went to call the doctor, but luckily he was just down the hall on his lunch break.
*1:08 PM-- After 2 pushes, our baby was born!! I was in total shock that he was already out. It was by far the easiest/best delivery ever! We didn't find out ahead of time the sex of our baby, so it was pretty neat and exciting at the time of delivery. I think everyone in our family had cast their vote as a boy being born, and we were all right!

Boston is great baby and we can't imagine life without him. The first couple of weeks he slept through the night. I actually had to wake him up in the morning because I would be in so much pain and need to feed him. I'm afraid we've created some bad habits though, and he would much rather be held while he's sleeping than put in the bassinet. He also agrees that our bed is much more comfortable than his (we're trying to not allow this to become a habit). Binkie's are also needed to sleep and heaven forbid if they fall out. Ahh...such is the life of a spoiled little baby. I wouldn't have it any other way. I think I could pass away the entire day and just look at him. It's amazing the power a sweet little newborn has on you. My productivity level has nearly dropped to zero and I'm actually ok with that. I know it won't be long before this little guy won't cuddle and sleep in my lap. He is changing already. This week his hair started falling out. Boo! That's all a wrinkled up baby needs-a receding hairline to make him look even more like an old man! haha!! He is still so cute though. People always ask who I think he looks like. Right now it's still hard to tell. Some days I think he totally looks like Kaybri as a baby and other days more like Paxton. Hmm...what else? At his one week appointment he weighed 7 lb. 1.5 oz and was 20.5 inches. He has his one month appointment this Friday, so stay tuned. I will try to do better, but there's no promises :)
Here I am the night before delivery at Jarom and Mel's house. Do I look excited?! I was!
Brand new baby

First family photo