Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I got tagged forever ago, sorry it took so long Brynn, here it is:

1. I love different/unique names. However, I'm not great at making up some cool name, so even when I'm not pregnant and have no idea when the next child is coming I am listening for something a little different. Not crazy names, just a name that 5 other kids in their class won't have. Ok, I'm exaggerating, I don't even want 1 other kid in the class with their name.

2. I am a little bit of a procrastinator...In my mind 'there's always tomorrow'. I don't know why I don't get things done sooner though, because I stress and fret over things until I get them done.

3. I love to find "good deals" while going shopping. I hardly ever buy clothes that are full price, but when I find cute clothes (especially for my kids) I am a total sucker and I think I need to get it, even though they may not need it.

4. I'm a major late-nighter. I always have good intentions of going to bed early, but it seems like once 10 rolls around, I'm not tired anymore and end up staying up for a couple more hours. I've always been like this, and you would think I would learn to go to sleep earlier since my daughter has been waking up lately at 5:30-6:00, but nope I haven't learned yet. I feel like it's my chance to have some "me" time and get things done, like clean, fold laundry, watch a movie.

5. My hair was mostly blond growing up. Around the time I got married, my hair started getting pretty dark and all my natural hi-lights went away (probably because we moved up to Utah, where I never saw the sun). All my high-school friends thought I dyed my hair and got a perm when I would go home to visit, but nope, my hair just got dark and I finally didn't straighten my hair everyday. It wasn't until last year that I started dyeing my hair a little darker; I am staying a brunette for now.

6. I don't like it when my kids get dirty. I know that's inevitable, so yes I still let them play and have fun. I just cringe when I see that they have probably ruined a cute outfit, and I'm always thinking "great, how am I going to get this stain out". Oxyclean is my best friend.

7. I love Mexican food, and I'm so happy to be back where there are real Mexican restaurants. Right now we live next door to one and nearly every night I am tempted to go order some take out from them.

8. I dread getting ready in the morning. My hair seems to take FOREVER to dry and straighten, and by time that's done I don't want to do anything else to it.

Ok, girls it's your turn now! I tag: Kellye, Audrey, Britni, Sheri, Wendy, Nicole, Emily, and Melanie.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day weekend down in Animas with all of my family. The last time we were all there was about a year ago when my sister got married. We were a little nervous to go since last time ended in a pretty traumatic experience, Kaybri had an hour long seizure and with the closest hospital being an hour and a half away it's really scary. Anyway, no traumatic experiences this time, just pure fun! yay! Here are the cousins, 2 more on the way (1 for Melanie, 1 for Joni)!! Kaybri and Paxton loved playing with their cute cousin, Lydia. They were all obsessed with the cat and chased him around everywhere. We even found Pax pulling on the cat's ears! Good thing he is a nice, easy-going cat. When my mom kept Pax a month ago, he wouldn't even touch the cat. I guess he is getting brave from seeing his crazy sister. The kids also played in the sprinkler; Kaybri and Lydi loved the water--even after they were freezing.

Below are two of the wonderful mothers in my life, my mom and grandma. We had a great time spending this mother's day with them. We're lucky to have so many positive influences in our life. Thank you to all of our MOMS! We love you.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


When we lived in Utah, Kaybri participated in an Early Intervention Program and was in the process of transitioning over into preschool when we moved. They have a really good preschool program here and Kaybri was able to start in it yesterday. We've been meeting with them over the past month or so, and we were really excited that she qualifies for it. The main thing that she was behind in was speech, so she will get speech therapy 2x a week. All of the other tests she showed pretty borderline on. I think it will be good for her to get away from me and play and learn from some kids. She will probably love it! It is kinda sad to think that my little baby is already starting this whole school thing. She has a backpack, gets on a bus and everything. When I was telling my brother this, tears started welling up, I'm not ready for her to be big. It is definitely to benefit her though, I don't know if I would have her go to preschool already if she wasn't falling more and more behind.
Today marks 6 weeks with NO seizures! Can you believe it?? I hardly can! I think the last time she went this long was when she first started having seizures, 2 years ago. I am so happy!! With all of the helicopter trips I was beginning to wonder how we could keep this up, but we are doing so much better now. We appreciate all of your prayers and know the Lord is watching over us. We have been blessed with such a special, sweet girl.

Summer Cut

Paxton just got a haircut about a month ago, but it was already getting long again, so we went to Aunt JoJo to get it cut. He was such a good boy. He just giggled when the clippers would touch his head. Kaybri also got a trim, but you can't really tell. This is the shortest we've ever cut Pax's hair. I think he looks so much older with it short. It looks really cute with a little spiked up, I'll have to take a picture sometime and post it later. Here's a picture of his big blue eyes for now. =)

Easter Re-Acted

I bought lots of candy and eggs for Easter, but since we were in the hospital we never got to use it. I was talking to Dawn and they didn't do an Easter egg hunt this year either, so we decided to get together and do one a few days ago. I am so grateful I don't have to eat ALL of the candy now! Kaybri really didn't care too much about looking for the eggs, and Paxton, well once he discovered there was candy in an egg he stopped looking and sat down and ate what he found.