Friday, April 23, 2010

Mr. Pax

Paxton has been giving me a lot of grief lately. I can't even remember all of the "horrible" things he has done lately (I probably need to call my mom and ask her because I usually call and vent it all out and then I forget about it...sort of). I do remember two major bathroom events that happened this past week though. The first involved poop being smeared all over the bathroom floor, toilet, wall, clothes, fingernails, etc... Now when he did this at 18 months, he didn't totally know better, but at 3 1/2....seriously. I can't even write how I was feeling because well--just use your imagination of curse words--that's how I feel about it. He needed to go #2 and wanted to use the bathroom his dad was using. He was throwing a fit over not getting his way and then ran to another bathroom. He's been potty trained for quite some time so I assumed all was well, that is until he came out with poop all over. I guess he didn't totally make it to the toilet and knew he'd be busted so he tried cleaning up his clothes by himself. Note to self: 3 year olds are not capable of such clean up.

The second bathroom episode was just a day or two later. Also involving poop. I was on an important phone call when I hear a "MOMMMM...I'm done!" He just kept getting louder and louder so I went in, quickly wiped his bum and left the room so I could hear the other person on the phone. I was off the phone a few minutes later and saw that he was out of the bathroom putting on his pants. I asked if he flushed the toilet and he says, "Yeah, the toilet paper won't go down though." I asked several times if he put all the toilet paper in the toilet and he kept telling me no. I go in to check and I see the roll off the toilet paper holder. I ask where the metal springy thing is to put the toilet paper back on the holder and he says, "In the toilet". WHAT? He continues to point and say he put it in the toilet. I think he's lying and just hid it somewhere because really can that fit down a toilet? Note to self: Many things can be flushed down the toilet. Again, insert curse words...No they are not said to him...they are played over in my head-repeatedly.

I think because I still am a little mad about these things, every little thing he does lately (like peeling paint off the walls, punching his sister for the first time, making other huge messes) makes me livid. I'm hoping the last couple of weeks are just a phase that will blow over soon.
He is still my super sweet, cute boy though. He still comes and gives me big hugs and says, "I just love you Mom." He still puckers up and wants to give me a kiss on the lips or cheek. He is full of imagination and cute little sayings. Just now he came up and told me, "I'm going to save the girl, and my life. I will fight the dragon." I'm sure he often feels mistreated or that he gets the raw end of the deal, because in all honesty he often does. Right now he understands more and is capable more than our other kids, so with that comes more responsibility. He's a special kid and usually very helpful. We all have bad days though, right?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday GRAMMIE!!!

We are so lucky you are our Grammie/Mom! We love you to pieces and can't wait to see you tomorrow :)
The Crazies