Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lightning McQueen??

It wasn't McQueen, but we did get to go see some other "Cars". Justin won some tickets at work for the Nascar race at the Miller Motorsports Park here in Tooele. Neither of us had been to a race like that before so we thought it'd be pretty cool. And since Kaybri loves the movie "Cars", we thought she might like to go for a little while.

We didn't get there until later in the afternoon; however, it was still boiling hot with all the asphalt around. We had been walking around for about 10-15 minutes trying to find the Zions Bank suite and Kaybri started having a seizure. Justin went and laid her down on some random table, and in just a few minutes we were surrounded be paramedics, security, and other people asking questions. Luckily her seizure didn't last long, but it took a little while for her to come out of the postictal period. The staff there were so very nice and let her go and recover in one of the media rooms that had A.C.
Kaybri started acting fairly normal, so we decided to stay for a little bit and check it out. It worked out great because they started serving dinner soon after we sat down. The suite we were in was right above the pit crews, so we got to watch them change tires and fill up with gas super quick. Kaybri had her moments of liking the cars, but all she really wanted to do was run and play. Paxton was amazingly good. He had a water bottle that he could drench himself with, and he even managed to take a nap with the noisy cars zooming by!
Justin was going for #00, he said it looked more beat up than the other cars, but it was actually winning when we left.
More cars....

Our family.... Paxton's pulling Kaybri's hair. hehe! Finally old enough to get her back for all the mean things she's done to him! =)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

We were TP'd!!!!

Who would play such a prank??? I believe that would be some girls in our young womens. I overheard them talking about going out after mutual. They actually even told me they were going to go t.p.ing after mutual. Kinda crazy that they would come get us, after they gave themselves away like that! Oh well, now we know where to go for revenge! It really wasn't too bad, just the front and side of our house, and Kaybri had a good time cleaning it all up with me. She piled it all up and then laid in it and said "night-night"!

Hogle Zoo

We took a trip to the zoo in Salt Lake a couple of days ago with some friends, and although it was quite small compared to the San Diego Zoo, we still had a blast. Kaybri fell in love with this big, fake elephant that would spray you when you stood in front of it. It was so hot outside that the little girls could care less about the animals after awhile, they just wanted to get wet!! We walked past a little pond/water area, and Kaybri took one look at it and jumped in! It was pretty funny. The kids played in there forever. I wish my camera was working at the time, but wouldn't you know it, the batteries died after just 2 pictures were taken! Oh well, hopefully I can get some from Brynn. Kaybri spreading the love!!
Ok, I got some more pictures:
Kaybri and Jocelyn
The spraying elephant The water hole!

Monday, July 02, 2007

A Fun Weekend

This past weekend we were able to go visit my Grandma Ellis and also some aunts, an uncle, and some cousins. It had been quite awhile since we saw some of them. We all went out to dinner and had a fun evening out. We also hung out with some new friends. They have a big waterslide that the kids had a blast sliding down-although we didn't even fill it up with water!

An Update on the kids

Last week we met with a neurosurgeon to discuss Kaybri's recent MRI. We had been told by her regular neurologist that the arachnoid cyst (which was first discovered in Jan. 2006) had grown only a small amount and that it was nothing to worry about. The neurosurgeon thought otherwise. The cyst has grown quite a bit in just a year and a half and has started putting pressure on her skull, thus starting to change its shape. If it continues to grow it will probably put more pressure on the brain, so they will need to go in and drain it. We will have a repeat scan in about 6 months to see if there has been any change. They say there is always a possibility that the cyst could be causing Kaybri to have seizures, but they don't have any reason to believe it is for sure. She is having more and more seizures (3 last week), so the more that happens the more we want to just go in and get the cyst taken care of. The seizures haven't stopped her from being our crazy, hyper, smart, and of course sweet little girl.

Paxton will be 9 months old on the 12th of this month. We are having so much fun with him. He is always so excited to play with his big sister, and vice versa. The past month he has learned so many new things. He has learned how to crawl, pull himself up to things, and climb the stairs. I was counting on him to be my calm, mellow child, but he is beginning to turn into Kaybri!! yikes!

Paxton also got his 1st teeth!

Another Try

My good friend, Nicole, helped me start a blog awhile back, but I think maybe because I was never a good journal keeper or scrapbooker I never developed the skills/dedication to keep up with a blog. However, I do love to take pictures and I have enjoyed looking at other friends' blogs, so I guess I will give this one more try....