Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Miss You Jojo and Trista!!!

The beginning of January my sis and her daughter came to visit and see the new baby. We loved having them back in town. I got so used to having them down the street (or the past summer- being downstairs); it's not fun to have them so far away. I used to babysit Trista while Joni did hair, so she is like one of my kids. Paxton and Trista are the best of buds and love to be crazy together. He treats her like a little sister. We really didn't do a whole lot while they were down because 1-I had just had a baby and 2-Is there really much to do in our small town?! We did actually go to a movie one night and of course got in lots of visiting-which is great! A sister is IRREPLACEABLE!! We love you guys and can't wait for the next visit! Thanks for coming and a special shout out to Tristan for letting them! You're AWESOME! :)

I love how Trista is looking at them like they're crazy.
I thought this picture was hilarious because we took a ton and they all look about like this. It really is impossible sometimes to get a good picture with so many little kids. Grin and bear it right? My mom kept saying "one more", but I think next time we should just go with the first picture and call it good.


Anderson said...

I can't get over how much Trista looks like Joni. So pretty! And amen to the sisterly love. I'm glad you got to play for a while. I'll bet it's hard to have her so far away.

hatch family said...

We miss you guys too!!! Maybe Tristan will let me go again soon! And maybe i can just go back with you guys when you come in the summer time! lol Well we LOVE YOU GUYS and cant wait to see you again, we had a blast!