Friday, February 26, 2010

Boston at 1 Month

You know that one month appointment I said to stay tuned for?? Well, here you have it (just almost 2 months late!) Well Boston is a healthy little guy, that weighed in at 9 lb. 2 oz at his appt.(need to look up the inches). He had gained 2 pounds in just 3 weeks! In about a week he will turn 3 months old and we think we is now between 12 and 13 lbs--we tried weighing him on big people scales with us. The transition to 3 hasn't been too bad. I still feel fairly sane anyway. We do great at home (as long as I don't stress over keeping our house nice and tidy). There are lots of projects and things I want to do, but time just goes by so fast and I don't get to it all. Someday I will be more efficient and organized :) As far as leaving the house and going shopping with all 3---I'm still chicken. I did take them to go swimming and the zoo though while in Phoenix a couple weekends ago (a possible post to come). We went with my sister-in-law, Britni, and her 3 little kids. It was an adventure, and I was a little nervous to go without Justin, but it really wasn't too bad. Boston is such a great baby though and is happy to chill in his car seat on our outings. He loves to be talked to and started trying to coo back a couple of weeks ago. At 6 weeks he started to smile and we can't get enough of it. Pax is always up in his face talking to him and trying to get him to smile

My sister came to visit at the beginning of January, and we tried to get some pictures of Boston. He is about 5 weeks in these. I've been waiting to post them because I wanted to touch them up and play around with them in photoshop, but it's not happening anytime soon so I thought I better get them up. I need someone to show me some quick tricks in photoshop because it is all too time-consuming.

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Anderson said...

He is SO CUTE! And still so small. That's good. I'm afraid Jolie will grow up too soon. If she still looks teeny at 1 month, I'll take it! :) Cute lil' guy. I can't wait to meet him.